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Ordering and paying via Zapaygo
takes you, out of the Queue

Why wait? With Zapaygo, you don’t need to wait in a queue, or stand in line, you can order from the convenience of your own phone.

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Zapaygo for everything you buy

Zapaygo provides a menu of goods or services and a pre-order and payment facility to consumers through a free smartphone application.

The technology has been developed to innovate an age-old customer problem and to help venues and visitors improve their customer experience. Zapaygo will become the leading mobile payment platform in the sports, leisure and hospitality sectors.

The app streamlines the ordering and payment process in bars, restaurant, stadiums and many other venues, helping users and all types of businesses by reducing wasted time in queues and enhancing the service experience for everyone.

Download the app & set up an account

Order & pay ahead & jump

Get the VIP treatment

Why use Zapaygo?

No more queuing

Spend more time socialising

All your payments in one app

Receive rewards & deals for your loyalty

Trusted service providers


Receive Zapaygo credits when you recommend a venue or friend

Recommend a venue and receive free credit starting at £10 per venue

Zapaygo app

Recommend a friend and each receive £1.00 free credit

Zapaygo app